It’s been about a month since I’ve been to Disneyland and I’ve been just itching to go back! So we’re going on Saturday. As you’ve probably gathered, the few days before a park visit, it’s all I think about. So word vomit here as I come up with a game plan for this Saturday!

Husband has a haircut appointment on Saturday at 9:20 and we’ll leave straight from there, so I imagine we’ll get there about 11:30, and be past security very shortly after that. Pro tip: skip the trams and walk to the Downtown Disney entrance. Without a stroller, it only takes about five minutes, despite signs that say it’s 15 minutes. There’s never a huge crowd, and it dumps us out right where we want to be, at Earl of Sandwich.

Sandwiches are pretty much my favorite food, and it is Sandwich Mecca. I like the turkey wrap; it’s simple and light, so it doesn’t weigh you down as you’re about to start your day at the parks. Thor gets the Chipotle Chicken Avocado sandwich which is interesting because he doesn’t normally like avocado, but the sandwich is REALLY delicious.

We may have a longer day than usual because there’s so much we want to do! Most of the time nowadays we just have chill days at the park; eat some food, walk around, see everything. This time Thor requested that we actually go on rides. Now that I have my contacts and won’t be tethered to my glasses, I agreed. And I want to stay for the Main Street Electrical Parade. It’s leaving in August and I LOVE it so much. Thor doesn’t understand it, but it’s a piece of Disneyland history.

So, where was I? Rides. Our first stop of the day will be Disneyland for a fastpass for Hyperspace Mountain. I heard on the Disneyland subreddit I think that Season of the Force will be leaving sometime in the near future, and Hyperspace Mountain will return to Space Mountain. I still like Space Mountain, but I definitely like both Hyperspace and Ghost Galaxy overlays better. While we’re in Tomorrowland, we might try and pick up some of the lightsaber churros. Apparently they taste exactly the same, but they are glittery red and blue. I read that someone stood in line for twenty minutes for one!

Otherwise, if there’s an agreeable wait time, we want to go on Astro Blasters. For those who don’t know, it’s an interactive ride, where you are ferried around a Toy Story space battle scene and you have to shoot a little laser gun at targets, competing against your fellow rider. It’s only happened twice, but last time, I absolutely SCHOOLED Thor, and it was awesome.

I thought about going on Matterhorn as long as we’re going to be over in that area, since we haven’t been on it since it’s been reopened. I read that someone said it’s still as bumpy and non-back-friendly as ever, so I’m not in a big hurry.

Alternatively, we could skip these things and head straight to California Adventure from getting our Hyperspace fastpasses, so we can get a pass for Soarin’ Around the World. I remember back when it used to be practically walk-on, years ago, when it was still Soarin’ Over California (RIP).

Now–Saturday is all about facing my fears. First, it’s time to scramble some squirrels on the Squirrel Scrambler in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail! It’s a bunch of rope bridges and it’s the only place it’s safe for me to faceplant, and I do. It’s not so much a fear, but heights make me pretty uncomfortable, so we’re easing me into the day.

At some point, we’ll go on California Screamin’. The wait time generally hovers around 20 minutes, so no fastpass needed.

We also like the Golden Zephyr. It’s pretty simple, just a retro gondola that flies around. It’s just relaxing and a cool view.

Now onto my other fears: Silly Symphony Swings (heights) and Goofy’s Flight School (heights and sharp turns and oh my god we’re going to fall off and die). Both can have pretty short wait times, so that’s nice.

But if any of the waits are really super long, we’ll get another fastpass when we can and then head back to Disneyland. I’ll have two objectives. The first: the Grey Stuff at the Red Rose Tavern. Both me and Thor are really excited for it, and the lines have diminished considerably. I hope they’ll keep it Red Rose Tavern!

Then, it’s just time to walk around the park! Hit up all my favorite places: the bridge where he proposed, the ducks in the ponds (seen ducklings the past few visits!), and one of my new favorite places, Critter Country of all places. It’s peaceful out there and kind of homey, being from south/east Texas. There’s a little shop at the very end that’s usually not as crowded as others since it’s rather out of the way. I also really like the shop in Toon Town. And as long as we’re over there, I could grab a potato from the Troubadour Tavern, although they just haven’t been as good since they moved from Harbor Galley. As long as I’m thinking of snacks, here’s my Want List. Just picking one or two things off it:

Baked potato.
Grey Stuff.
Lightsaber churros.
Fudge! Someone highly recommended the cookies and cream, and I’ve been wanting to try regular chocolate.
Chocolate covered strawberries. Huge and delicious.
One of the special Electrical Parade treats from the Jolly Holiday.

I’m also dying to try the Napa Rose Lounge. To be honest, I didn’t even know that was a thing until I consulted the Disneyland website. I’ve always wanted to go to Napa Rose but it’s cost-prohibitive. But if we were going to get drinks somewhere anyway, we might as well go there! It’s a pretty great drink menu and all the specialties are just around $13. A Zonin prosecco from Mendocino Terrance, I believe is the actual name of it, right outside the Trattoria, is $10. And then of course, there’s the Hearthstone lounge which makes a delicious quesadilla too, and Trader Sam’s, which we’ve only ever walked into and then back out of before, is supposed to be amazing.

And of course there are the places I love to visit in California Adventure. I LOVE Off the Page, an store with some beautiful Disney artwork, Christmas ornaments, books and cookbooks, and more. I also love walking along the Midway down the pier. And my favorite stores in the whole place are the ones to the right as you enter California Adventure.

Then, and hopefully we will still be there by then, at 8:45 is the Electrical Parade! And I can’t wait!

So those are my plans. I have to figure out what to wear, make up a Disneyland playlist, and get my ears ready.


I’m so excited!!


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