Here’s a recent Micechat entry and it is a doozy. SO much is happening!

First of all, Fantasmic! is on it’s way back, and I could not be happier. It’s being rebranded slightly as Fantastmic!! (two !). You can watch the first one here. Looks like they’re dumping the snake scene for a Lion King scene, which will be cool; there’s surprisingly little Lion King stuff there, outside of toys for the newer TV series, Lion Guard or something like that. They’re keeping the creepy ape float which gives me nightmares. And apparently they’re changing up the princess floats–Ariel will now be on legs instead of fins, and Snow White’s being switched out for a new princess. Hope, for me, springs eternal that Rapunzel will take her place–come on, floating in a lake, lanterns, can’t you see it?? But the big news is leaving the big Peter Pan scene on the Columbia with a Pirates of the Caribbean scene! Apparently they want to project skeletons on to the actors as they’re on the Columbia, and apparently it’s REALLY COOL, but requires such insane precision that it may not ultimately make it into the show.

Also some happenings at the park, one of the highlights of my entire LIFE IS HAPPENING at Star Wars Land! From the Mickey and Friends parking structure, you can see AT-ATs being built. When I heard they were putting in AT-ATs, I thought it’d be a cute little thing you can take a picture with and was really looking forward to it. But these are huge. Absolutely massive. There will be no pictures with these things; they simply will not fit into pictures. I’m totally jazzed. A few of my earliest memories involve Star Wars, and I remember being very interested in the battle on Hoth, and somewhere along the lines I became obsessed with AT-ATs. My life’s dream is to own one of the original original old-school AT-AT lego sets, but I’ve never had $300-500 to drop on one–yet. Anyway, LIFE-SIZED AT-ATs. You guys.


On to our trip last week. It was the 50th anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean and no, we did not go on it. In fact, we haven’t been on it in several years. The line is always insane. It used to be a fifteen minute wait, but now it’s at least an hour. They had special treats for the occasion as well, like “gold” covered churros and beignets and I stopped someone to ask what flavor they were. I don’t really remember. Maybe pineapple? Something interesting but not for me. It might’ve been worth it for the novelty of it but the lines to grab one was also crazy.

So we had a bit of a chill day at Disneyland but the main event was definitely at California Adventure, at the Food and Wine Festival! At the beginning, you can pick up a “tasting passport” with information on the offerings and places for stamps when you stop at a cart. We filled out at least half of the pages on our visit. Here’s a Micechat entry with better pictures than I could ever take of the food.

There was the Nuts About Cheese stall. We got the Baked Ham & Swiss Cheese Croque Monsieur Roll with Smoked Pistachios. It was really good, was very cheesy, but the bread seemed kind of stale.

I enjoyed the I Heart Artichokes Stall. I got the Fried Artichokes Carbonara with Garlic Aioli & Smoked Bacon. They’re all small portions but it was super hearty. Not as creamy as I could have liked, really just fried artichokes with a drizzle of sauce and some bacon. It was the last thing I had for the day, I just couldn’t take another bite after all that fried.

Thor stopped at the Garlic Kissed stall and got the Grilled Beef Tenderloin Slider with Garlic Chimichurri Sauce. Now that was a winner. I tried just a bite and wished I’ve had gotten my own. When we go next time I intend to stop at the carts we haven’t been to to get my stamps, but I’m definitely making a beeline for this. It was so tender and the chimichurri added this bit of freshness to it. This was Thor’s favorite dish of the day.

One of my favorites was the Bacon Twist cart. They were out of the Baby Iceberg & Heirloom Tomato Wedge with Peppered Bacon & Point Reyes Blue Cheese Dressing, which was disappointing, but I was really there for the Smoked Bacon Mac & Cheese with Barbecue Seasoned Crispy Onions. To look at it, it was just Easy Mac with some bacon sprinkled on it, but it was super creamy and the bacon was perfectly crispy. One of my favorite bites of the day!

Next up was Lemon Grove, billed at “Dishes Highlighting Meyer Lemons.” We got the Duck Confit on Potato Smash with Meyer Lemon Preserves and it was great! It may have been a little greasy but overall the richness of the duck meat was cut with the lemon zing to make a great dish.

Then we both really liked Seafood… Sustained. We got one of each of the savory dishes. He got the Verlasso Sustainable Salmon Tataki with Avocado Wasabi Puree & Furikake Dust, and I got the Cage-Free Cream Cheese Deviled Eggs with Farm-Raised Smoked Trout and Chives. Thor’s salmon was tasty but to me, not much to write home about. Maybe because we have a great sushi restaurant right next door to us at home. But I really loved the deviled eggs. If I’m remembering right they’re not much to look at, mostly a blob of white, but they were extremely tasty. I should have tried a bite of the trout by itself to really get a taste, because I feel like I didn’t notice anything over the cream cheese-y filling, which was really fine with me, because it was delicious. I’d totally get it again.

But my favorite savory bite of the whole day was at Sweet & Sourdough. We got the White Cheddar Lager Soup served in a Mini Boudin Sourdough Boule, made right there in the bakery on the Pacific Wharf. It. Was. Incredible. Anytime you put cheddar in front of me, I am on top of it, and add some white cheddar to beer and put it in fresh bread, and I’m in heaven. Thor also rates it from his chair over there as “pretty damn good,” but he wants his soup to have more body in it, like potatoes or something, but then this is the guy who insists that his food needs to “have parents.” It was creamy and smooth and perfect and I’ll definitely be getting one next week, and I’m definitely not sharing this time.

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the only sweets we had for the day. Every cart had a special dessert but we made it to the end of the Festival to Paradise Garden Grill, which is a normal food place there year-round, that had some special offerings. We got both desserts, the Salted Caramel Budino with Vanilla Bean Chantilly Cream, and the AMAZING Bienenstitch Cake with Caramelized Almonds, filled with Vanilla Bean Custard. Thor’s favorite was the budino but I am totally obsessed with the cake. I’ll definitely be getting that again.

And then of course there were carts and carts of craft beer and wine offerings. All together it was a collection of some amazing California tastes!


So we are planning on going next week and we definitely have our work cut out for us, but if we just don’t eat Thursday and Friday, we’ll be up to the task! We’ll have to get down there early. Spring breaks are starting and the parks are filling up. The busy season is starting!


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