Some big things going on at Disneyland recently!

My favorite is the new security checkpoints! They’ve been the absolute bane of my Disneyland existence since they installed them a year (?) ago, when they were placed right around the esplanade before reaching the entrance to the parks. Tomorrow checkpoints will officially open before you even get to the trams, and along the outside of the Downtown Disney district, from what I understand. This means it’ll be soooo much easier to go to Downtown, which is really a great place. In fact, I’ve been known to go on blackout dates just to visit Downtown Disney. Some excellent restaurants. Cannot recommend Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen enough. Never had a bad meal, and their live music on weekends is pretty great.

Not only that, but seriously, stop in at Uva Bar in Downtown sometime. Their entire menu looks delicious but I can never branch out from their delicious Uva Burger. It’s extra money, but get it all the way with bacon, cheddar, and a fried egg.

ANYWAY, this hopefully means that I will be able to go from the parks into the Grand Californian for some peppermint hot chocolate and some Christmas tree time without the hassle of security lines. Especially now that they’re enforcing the hotel-guest-only-entrance rule.

More news, they’ve put in a Sprinkles Cupcakes in Downtown, and when we went on our last trip a week and a half ago, the line was way out the door. I’ve only been to two Sprinkles locations, and both were rather small, it took effort to see the flavors so it was hard to be ready to order ahead of time to make things quicker, and they only had two workers visible. This location looked exactly the same. Didn’t see how many employees were around, but it just seems like space and the time it takes for an order to be filled may be an issue for what will surely be a popular place in quite a populated place.

But if they can handle the volume, more power to them. Nice to have something fresh in Downtown.

Another big piece of news which I am personally excited about. They have begun demolishing the former House of Blues and they’re putting in… Splitsville Luxury Lanes bowling alley! I always thought Downtown should have some kind of activity outside of eating, something to do if you want to take a break from the parks and hang out with your family, perhaps. Here’s the link to check out their Orlando location.

To quote the OC Register:

“The new entertainment venue will feature 20 bowling lanes in its bowling alley, along with a 635-seat restaurant, part of which will be in a dining room overlooking the Downtown Disney area. Menu items include fresh-rolled sushi and hand-cut steaks, along with classic bowling fare such as hamburgers, fries and pizza. The facility will include two full-service bars, and a large outdoor patio as part of the new 40,000 square-foot building.”

How awesome does that sound?! Super looking forward to a nice meal overlooking Downtown Disney. That sounds amazing. Of course, we will have to wait until late 2017 to enjoy, but it should be great!


Our last trip of the holiday season is this Sunday–Saturday’s a blackout date. And it’s like two or three weeks of blackout dates after this Sunday, and we’ll be in Texas for a week anyway, so this’ll be out last trip til next year!

Got a full day planned. Want to get there as close to rope drop as possible. Especially since there will be new security protocols, I want to give us extra time to get through and see how it is. I’m excited about the results of the new security, but I have doubts about trying to do security even before the trams (although this’ll really get the people who try to smuggle in selfie sticks, since they can just drop them back off in their car in the parking lots). Definitely have to get in to Haunted Mansion Holiday a few times. I miss it all year til September rolls back around. Got to go on Jingle Cruise and Small World Holiday, and will hopefully catch the Christmas Fantasy Parade. If we get there early I doubt we’ll stay for the fireworks, so I’d like to catch the castle lighting–they do snow then too and that’s one of my absolute favorite things in the park ever. Will pick up some peppermint ice cream and hit up as many food stalls in California Adventure as possible.

All the seasonal stuff! Looking forward to it! Merry Christmas!


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